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Bienvenidos a la página web de español de Academy y Oak Grove.  Aquí pueden encontrar información pertinente para el aprendizaje de español.  No duden comunicarse conmigo – estoy a su dispuesta.

Welcome to the Academy and Oak Grove School web page.   All important information regarding learning Spanish is found here.   To access remote learning, (Seesaw or Google Classrooms) please click on the tab located on the top right hand corner.   If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email or phone.   Gracias. 

María L. Carreño

1 (802) 254-3743 (Academy School)

1 (802) 254-3740 (Oak Grove)



Why learn another  language?

  • There are many reasons for studying a language for two or more years: 

  • Students should learn a foreign language to better understand all people, their culture, values and traditions.

  • Research has shown that the study of a foreign language helps students better understand their own native language and enables them to perform better in other subjects.  Learning a foreign language improves reading scores in English as well as mental flexibility, creativity, and high level thinking.

  • Students of foreign languages perform significantly better and score statistically higher on standardized tests conducted in English (NECAP, SAT, ACT etc.)

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Benefits of Foreign Language Learning:

"A Language is a Window to the World

In the Classroom
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Self-Study Spanish Language Resources

One of the best ways to make progress in a language is to use the language with native speakers and to check your understanding by asking them for feedback.  Listed below are resources to help you learn or build your Spanish language skills

 Spanish Dictionaries and Translation


Spanish Cultural Resources

Museum websites: